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Our projects

Especially through our personal connection, we want to support medical facilities. Saving lives is part of the daily routine for many of our founding members. Implementing this goal abroad is our great motivation. Currently, we support two clinics that Jonas had the opportunity to get to know during his stay.


Kafika House
(former The Plaster House)

Pre- and post-operative facility for children, rehabilitation center, awareness work regarding disabilities, educational offerings

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Meserani Snake Park Clinic & more

Treatment of snake bites, provision of antivenom and rising awareness for doctors


Support by our local heroes - Collaboration with the Stuttgart based NGO "STELP e.V."


In some of our projects, including the upcoming clinic construction, we have been supported by STELP e.V., a non-profit aid organization from Stuttgart, since spring 2022. We all pursue the same goal: to help people and improve their lives. Therefore, we are very grateful for the financial and planning support from STELP e.V.

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